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How to create invoice on your BlackBerry?

Sometimes you need to create an invoice to your buyer when you are away from your office or work on the floor of the warehouse You simply pull out a pocket your BlacBerry phone and quickly create an invoice.

Open the web browser in your mobile device

BlackBerryBlackBerry web browser
Enter the address of web site with installed Mobile Extention and you'll see the Login page. you should enter the user name and your password.
BlackBerry login pageBlackBerry password
Then,you can enter a name of your customer and the program will search him in your database. After that you have to select the customer for your invoice
BlackBerry customerBlackBerry select customer
Click the link "Create Invoice"
BlackBerry create invoice
After that, you can fill out the detail section of the invoice with shipped items. Enter a barcode or a name of the item and the system will search appropriate items in the inventory database. You should only select needed item.
BlackBerry Search Item by barcode or nameBlackBerry select item

Next,you can enter quantity and price at the next page
BlackBerry fill out invoiceBlackBerry added item
Finally, you can show the ready invoice on you device.
BlackBerry fill out invoice
Now, you can call to the office and ask to print this invoice in Golden Inventory System for your customer.
rint invoice
If you are interested in our wireless inventory system, please send us a request and we will send you a link to our demo web site.

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How to do physical count with the Golden Inventory System from a mobile device?

Usually workers spend too much time in physical count of goods in stock.You can do it much faster if you use our mobile extension. Connect to your mobile web site from any mobile device. Login Mobile Inventory system software
You'll see the main menu of the mobile extention. Select the link Adjustment.
main menu Mobile Inventory system software
Go to a shelf with items and enter a item's barcode or name.If you use a mobile barcode scanner you can simple scan a barcode label.
barcode Mobile Inventory system software
You'll see the calculated On Hand value for this item. You have to enter the real quantity of item on the shelf and click the link Enter. Real quantity list Mobile Inventory system software
The system will prompt to enter a next item's barcode. Next Item for physical count. Mobile Inventory system software
Finally, you can click the link Show Adjustment.
Bar code Mobile Inventory system software
From this moment you can see the new Adjustment on the main computer in Golden Inventory System.