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What is a wireless inventory system?

Conventional inventory systems are installed on desktops but the people working in warehouses and selling goods are in constant motion. They should give information about all their operations in the office where the information is entered into the computer. But you can significantly accelerate the integration of all warehousing and sales information if you install our inventory system with a mobile extension. This system allows you to enter information from any mobile device connected to the network via wireless internet or Wi-Fi. Warehouse workers will record the receipt of goods directly to a warehouse using a handheld computer or a wireless scanner. Your sellers will write invoices or orders directly from customers using your cell phone. You can significantly speed up the inventory of your warehouse if your employee will conduct a physical account using a wireless scanner or PDA.

How to work our wireless inventory system?

Our system consists of three parts:
  • database
  • desktop application
  • web application
We use Golden Inventory System as a desktop application. This system can work with MS Access and MS SQL server databases. The web application is installed on the web server and connects to the database of Golden Inventory System. In essence, the web application is a dynamic web site works in WAP and HTML browsers. This allows to use a wide range of existing mobile devices. You have to provide wireless access to your Web server. It may be Wi-Fi technology or internet connection. Your workers will go to a web application from their mobile devices, and record transactions and view the availability of goods in stock.

How to install our wireless inventory system in your company?

First of all you have to organize a wireless network in your company. It is usually done using a wireless router with Wi-Fi function. You will be able to have wire and wireless connections in your local network. Define a computer used as a server.
Then, you have to download and install our Golden Web Inventory System or Golden Inventory System . They are almost identical system but Golden Web Inventory System better works with remote databases.
If you use Windows XP check whether you have Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (or later) on your computer. Use the Windows menu Start-Control Panel-Add or Remove programs. MS Framework
If you do not find this framework download it from Microsoft and install on your computer.
Windows Vista and 7 has this framework.
You have to install the IIS web server on your computer. To install IIS, add optional components, or remove optional components
  • 1.Click Start, click Control Panel, and click Add or Remove Programs.
  • 2.Click Add/Remove Windows Components. The Windows Components Wizard appears.
  • 3.Follow the on-screen instructions to install, remove, or add components to IIS.
You'll see the folder C:\Inetpub in Windows Explorer after successful installation. You'll use the subfolder C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\ for your web sites. Check how to work your web server. Open Internet explorer and enter in the address line "http:\\localhost\" You have to see the default IIS page.
You can read more about the IIS installation at the Microsoft site
Create two new folders C:\Inetpub\database\ and C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\goldmob\ and place in this folder our Mobile extention files. Then, run Golden Inventory System and create a new database with the menu File-New Database File.
MS Framework User rights

Select the folder "C:\Inetpub\database" and enter the file name "Invent". After that, you can find the database file invent.idb in the folder C:\Inetpub\database.
Then use the menu File-Security and add several users with passwords. You can define access rights for each user.

Now,you have to set permissions for the new folders.
  • 1.Click Start, click Control Panel, and click Administrative Tools.
  • 2.Click Internet Information Services.
  • 3.Expand the nodes Web Sites and Default Web Site.
  • 4.Select the row goldmob and click the right mouse button. Select the line Properties.
  • 5. Click the button Create at the dialog box goldmob Properties.Then click the buttons Apply and Ok.

goldmob Properties

The database file invent.idb doesn't have sufficient security permissions or write permissions to be modified when updating data in it. The web browser is seen by the web server as a Internet User that has the server account IUSR. This user needs to have write permission to the database file and to the database folder.
Follow these steps to resolve this issue:
  • 1. Use Windows Explorer to find the folder on the disk, which contains the database file (C:\Inetpub\database\).
  • 2. Right-click on the project folder and select Properties.
  • 3. Uncheck the Read-only property.
  • 4. Click on the Security tab in the properties window. (Attention: If you don't see such tab (Windows XP), close the properties window, open any folder, select Tools -> Folder Options -> View, and uncheck the option Use simple file sharing.)
  • 5. Click Add and find, then select the user IUSR_[COMPUTERNAME].
  • 6. Select the Write checkbox in the Allow; column to assign Write permissions to the IUSR account.

database permission
Now, you can check your web application. open Internet explorer and enter the address http://localhost/goldmob/ you will see the login page of Golden inventory system. You have to set exceptions in your firewall for IIS and go to this web page from wireless device using an address like You should use the IP address of your server computer.
If you are interested in our wireless inventory system, please send us a request and we will send you a link to our demo web site.

We welcome your questions about Inventory Systems
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Mobile Inventory system software

How to work with the Golden Inventory System from a mobile device?

First, you have to connect to the web application from device's web browser. You can create a bookmark. Then enter your user name and password. Select the link Enter and click the soft key OK. Login Mobile Inventory system software
You'll see the main menu of the mobile extention. Each user has its own set of available functions, which is defined on the panel "Security" of the Golden Inventory System. main menu Mobile Inventory system software
For example, we've selected Receiving ad click OK. You'll see the field Enter Vendor. If you believe that the vendor has already been registered in your system, type a few letters from its name and click the link "Find Vendor" vendor Mobile Inventory system software
You'll see a vendor list and select the right supplier. vendor list Mobile Inventory system software
Now you can begin to fill out a new item receipt. Click the link "Create Receipt" Item receipt Mobile Inventory system software
You'll see the form "Enter Bar code/Name". If you are using a device with a built-in bar code scanner you can scan a barcode label and system will search this product in the item list. Bar code Mobile Inventory system software
If this is a new product you will be able to enter its name and weight. New item Mobile Inventory system software
If the product is found the inventory system will prompt you for the quantity,purchase price and serial #. quantity Mobile Inventory system software
Click the link Enter and the system will create a new Item Receipt with this item. Item receipt wireless Inventory system software
From this moment you can see the new Item Receipt on the main computer in Golden Inventory System. You can click the link "Show Receipt" and view this receipt on mobile device. Item receipt wireless Inventory system
If you use a device without a bar code scanner you can enter a few letters from the item's name and click the link "Find Item". The inventory system will prompt you to select a list of items. Item list wireless Inventory software
Select the desired item and press the soft key OK.Then, enter quantity and price and press the link Enter. After filling the receipts click the link Close and and go back to main menu.
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