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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Golden Inventory System?
    It's the inventory tracking software for retail and manufacture companies.Golden Inventory is the comprehensive inventory management system which includes purchase orders, receiving,invoices,sales receipts, inventory locations, transfers,printing bar code labels, tracking payment from customers and serialized item tracking.

  • We currently have 5 small location-2 engineers in a some office space. We want to link then together and use the inventory system for invoicing and bar coding purposes.
    Locate a database file on the main PC and connect to it from all your workstations If you use Bronze,Golden Inventory System or Inventory Executive System you can connect to the MS SQL Server 2000 from all your PC .

  • What I need know is if it would be effective in keeping track of inventory levels in two different two store locations?
    Our software provides the tracking of inventory levels on the locations.You can select in the panel "Lists" the row "Company & Locations". Create new locations. Select at the panel "Actions" the row "Receiving". Click on the button "New" and open the Item Receipt form. Click on the button "Options" and set checkbox "Location".You'll see the field "Location" on the Item Receipt form. Select the necessary location. When you ship your products you have to select the row "Invoice" and create new invoice. Set the option location for invoices. Choose a storehouse from which you ship goods.Then you can open the items list and sellect any product and click the button "Edit". You'll see the "On hand" amount of the product. Click the button "On hand" and you see product stock on the each location.Open the Report panel and find Inventory Location Report.

  • Using the sample information already in the data base I entered some new receivables and they seemed to post OK. When I tried posting a sale to a customer the items were not deducted from the inventory.
    You can create the Sale Order only if you decided to allocate a product for a customer. You should create the "New Invoice" if this customer received the product from you.

  • How do I input direct cash sales?
    Select the row "Sales Receipt" on the panel Actions and click on the button New.

  • If I do Porder how to receive the items?
    Select the row Receiving and create a new Item receipt. Click on the button "POrder No." and select POrder from drop down list.

  • Can we design the Porder form selecting which fields and labels must be displayed and also to move the labels and the fields in other position in the form?
    You can use the button "Options" at the Porder form. You can hide or show any field using checkboxes at the Screen Options form. And you can edit the POrder print form using the button "Template".

  • Can I import for Excel?
    Yes, you can import product , customer and vendor lists from Excel or csv files.

  • Would like to set it up to where we can email from the inventory tracking software?
    open the form "Your Company" and enter the "Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)" address for sending the out-going e-mail . You use this address in your Email program (Outlook or any). For example, SMTP address is "". If your provider use authentication SMTP connection you should set check box "Use authentication" and enter your user name and password. Click "OK" and try send email from any form.

  • Does your software provide a simple "find item" function?
    First of all you should open the product list. You can see in the column "On Hand" stocks. If you want to find item click on the button "Find" (image of binoculars) and enter Product code or description. Program will search item from the current position to down. If subject is not found, You should return on begin list and repeat search again. You may sort list on Product# or Description clicking on the column caption.

  • Can we customize our invoice with a company logo, etc.?
    You can open any invoice and click on the button "Template". Here you will be able customize the default invoice template. You can add your own invoice template using row "Add new" in the template combobox .

  • I am attempting to upload my products, however, I do not see which field is for "On Hand" or current inventory. Do I need to go back into each record to enter the on hand inventory?
    You should create a new receiving. You can enter any vendor name. Click the button "Product". This will display a list of existing products. If you add a new product you can enter the item name and description, quantity and price.Click the button Save and close Item Receipt. Open Item list and you'll see "On Hand" amount for all your products.

  • How do we adjust stock after physical inventory?
    Select row "Adjust Inventory" on the panel "Actions" and click the button New. Fill the column "New Quantity" and save the adjustment document.

  • How does the barcode feature work for product, can you automatically place a Porder using the barcode?
    You can use any bar code reader that is translated and entered directly into the keyboard buffer as regular text.

  • How do you put a cost in the product field that have a decimal value?
    If you use price with decimal value you may set amount of digits after decimal point on the "_Company" form. Select row "Company & Location" in the panel "Lists".

  • Locations - how extensive can this list? be. Currently we have 300 in-warehouse locations (racks for pallets and bins for smaller items), but within a month or so these will be expended to 1500?
    Our tracking inventory software has no limitations on amount of the locations.

  • To subtract from my inventory do I have to first create a sales order or can I just make an invoice? All I want to do is keep track of what inventory I have. I will not be billing customers.
    Tracking software subtracts the inventory after making invoice. You can use only invoice without the sale order.

  • How to you print more than one bar code label on one sheet of paper?
    You can create template with any amount bar code labels on sheet. Open any Item Form and click on the button "Label Template". You can add any new bar code, text and data field from toolbar. You can set barcode properties using menu item "Bar code". You may create several template with with different amount of labels on the sheet.

  • Can you create estimates to be approved by potential clients and than create Invoices from that.?
    Yes, select the row "Estimates" on the panel "Actions" and click the button New. When you create invoice you can use the button "From Estimate"

  • We have almost 4,000 inventory items, Will any of your software be able to handle that type of volume?
    We test our software with 60,000 items.

  • How about the capability to interface with Quick Books?
    Our tracking inventory software has functions import from QuickBooks and export to QuickBooks.

  • We have a kit that contains 39 parts we purchase. Does your software allow me to group these parts to sell Part number 'Kit A'? And then will those 39 parts automatically be reduced from the inventory?
    Select the Items List and create new item. You can select "Group" in the item type field. Fill the components table and click OK. Now, you can use this group in the invoices and orders.

  • Would you send me detailed information regrading the use of your template editor?
    You have to open the new "Sale Order" (button "New"). Select customer and products. Select row "Add new" in the field "Template". Enter name of the new template in the options form and click OK button. Click the button "Template" on the Sales order form. You'll see template editor form. You can edit delete or add any data field or label. First of all change logo. Select logo and click on the menu item Image-Load file. If you have not logo you can delete image from template with menu item Image-Delete Image. Then you should edit name of your company and change label caption "Sale Order" on "Picking Slip". You can delete spare labels and data fields. Select any data field and change field name using combo box on the toolbar. If you wish add new field press the button "Data" on the toolbar and draw using mouse a rectangle on the template. You can change size of your template using mouse left button. When your finished you template select menu File-Save As and save file as picklist.dtm in the program folder. Close the template editor and set Template option on the orders form. Click on the Print and you'll see your Picking List. If you want to print the usual sale order set "Sales Order template" from drop down list in the field "Template". You can create any template for orders and invoices.

  • What is Cost in the Item edit form?
    "Cost" is purchase price with shipping, discount and taxes for one item. Software automatically calculates the "Cost" after reception of the product ( after creation receiving list).

  • Will your software show, on a report, the history of the additions and subtractions to give the result of the on-hand amount?
    You can open "Items List" form and click on the button "Print inventory report" you'll see report with on-hand,received,made,sold and used amount . You can open "Report Wizard" form and select "Receiving Report" set necessary columns and click on the button "Print report" and you see history of additions your products. Similarly you can use "Sales report" panel.Our inventory tracking software can create reports more than 200 different reports.

  • I have no idea how to introduce the unit weigths and the total weights in the invoice, PO and product templates.
    You can open item list and select any product and enter weight of the item into field "Weight". Open any invoice and Templates editor form. Click on the button "Data" and create field using mouse in the section "Detail".You should select from the combobox on the toolbar name of the field "Product Weight" Similary create fields "Product Total Weight" in the detail and "Total weight" in the bottom section Then you can save this template. Now you'll see item weight,total item weight and total invoice weight in your custom invoice. System will calculate these values automatically.

  • We manufacture a product that is made up of several components and would like to keep an inventory of the components that make up this product. As we sell the product, is it possible to maintain the component inventory automatically as well?
    You can use Work Order List. Create new work order. Enter assembly name,description,quantity and price. Enter components in the order detail section. Click on the button Save.Program save the composition of the inventory assembly, increase amount of the manufactured product and decrease amount of the components.

  • Does the program include any security function?
    Yes, Golden Inventory System has menu item Database-Security.You can protect your database from outside access and to define rights of all users.

  • Please, advise if this software can record serial numbers on Item Receipt, and Invoices for s/n tracking purposes?
    You should open invoice or receiving form and click on the button "Options" and set checkbox "Serial #".

  • What kind of statistic can we create with your software, for example sales per item, sales per customer, sales per customer / per item/ in a given period of time?
    You can open the Item List and click on the button "Print inventory report" you 'll see- sales per item. Then you can open form with report wizard and select "Sales report". You should set check boxes on the next fields: Product description, Quantity,Customer Name ,Date from {begin date} to {end date} and set option "Group by" on Customer name you'll see - sales per customer / per item/ in a given period of time. You can select "Invoice report" or "Customers balance report" and you'll see sales per customer.

  • Is it possible for the software to ever "crash" or go down... if so, is our information stored anywhere as backup?
    In the menu "Database" select item " Backup" and in the appeared dialog box choice location and enter name of backup file. You can backup to any device supported under Windows, CD disk, Zip Drives, etc
  • Our company recently bought your software, however we are having problems with the monthly sales report. Could you please send us instructions on how to print monthly sales reports with profits?
    You should select "Reports" in the left menu. Then select in the combobox drop down list the "Profit Report". Set check boxes "Show" near fields "Item", "Item Description","Profit" and "Date". Set the combobox near field "Date" to "From" instead "All" and select date from 04/01/04 to 04/30/04. Set options "Group by" near "Item" and set checkbox "Sum" opposite the field Profit". Now you can click on the button "Print Report".

  • I am unable to find how to add or edit the fileds such as "On Hand", "On Order", "Allocated" for the inventory.
    When you create receiving Item Receipt you increase amount of the arrived product.When you create an invoice you increase amount of sold product.The "On hold" is the arrived quantity minus the sold amount. When you create a sale order you increase "allocated" amount of product. The "available" amount is "on hold" minus allocated".

  • When I am entering or editing a product The "Pref Vendor" does not have nor displays a list of vendors....Am I doing something not right ?
    You should create one or more purchase orders with this product and you see list of vendors. You see in the field "Pref Vendor" only vendors from purchase orders and receiving lists.

  • Please, I need to known if this software let me export all reports to Excel files?
    Thank you for your attention to our inventory software. You can export any report into html file and then open this file in Excel. You should select "Reports" in the left menu create report and click on the button "Print Report". You'll see preview window. Click on the button "Export" and save report as html file.

  • I would like to know if your inventory software track returned merchandise. Our company has a high volume of inventory returns for warranties, etc.
    When you have returned merchandase you create invoice with negative quantity of the product and "Returned" in the field Group. Then you can use Report Wizard for creation the report with returned products.

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