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Inventory system softwareInventory software for Ebay sellers and osCommerce web stores

Import sales from EBay to Golden Inventory System

You can download all your sales from EBay to Golden inventory and create and print packing lists, invoices,work orders and payment receipts for your customers.
First, you have to download the file SalesHistory.csv from EBay. Then, open the Sales Order list and use the menu "Sales Order-Import from EBay csv file".
Import from EBay csv file

Select your last SalesHistory.csv file.
Import from SalesHistory.csv file

The inventory system will add all your new EBay items to the Item list of Golden Inventory. You can use single item or assembly of items. The system will prompt what you want to add.
Add new item from EBay

If you click the button "Add a new item" the system automatically add a new item the item list of Golden inventory. In the future, the inventory system will use this item in all next sales. If you click the button "Add anew assembly" the system will show the Item Edit form with component table. You have define component of your assembly. The system will use this information for creation work orders. Add new assembly from EBay

After finish import operation you'll see all new sale orders in the Sales Order list and all new items and assemblies in the Item list. Any Sale Order only tracks your intention to send goods to the buyer so that the system does not reduce the quantity of goods in the warehouse after creation sales orders. If you send items to customers you have to create invoices. You can create invoices from multiple sales order. Use the button "+" and select last sales order you can use your mouse and the keyboard button "Ctrl" for selecting sale orders too. After that you should click on the toolbar button "Create invoice from Sale Order" and the inventory system will create invoices for all sold items and change on hand amounts for each item.
Create invoice from Sale Order

The system will create work orders for all assemblies in invoices and payment receipts with with the corresponding sums. Finally, you'll be able to print all these invoices at once.
Print Invoices

Integration Golden Inventory System with osCommerce web stores

Now,you can download sales orders form any osCommerce web site. You can use our Ecommerce extention for integration web stores with the inventory software.This application will improve the service of your customers. This application will improve your customer service and reduce the volume of re-entering information.

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